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Over-Molded Connectors, Black zinc, Cobalt Plated Connector, Harsh Environments, Power connector


A rugged connector originally designed for the geophysical industry and the exploration of natural resources, where connectors are needed to withstand the harsh environments of oil, gas, mud and water. The Amphe-Armor also meets the rugged criteria for heavy equipment, outdoor lighting, machine tool and many other harsh environment situations. The Amphe-Power GT reverse bayonet or PT plug connector is housed in a high impact glass filled thermoplastic molding. This outer housing is very resistant to damage either by physical abuse or fluid immersion. A heavy duty coupling nut and protection cap contributes to the rugged features of this series of connectors. The Amphe-Armor is so rugged it can be driven over without destroying the electrical integrity of the connector.
Features & Benefits
·         Over-molded for protection and sealing
·         Field installable, field repairable
·         IP 67 rated
·         Available with straight plug connectors in a choice of two of Amphenol’s rugged environmental series:
o   Breadth of contact solutions, signal and power
o    PT series with solder termination, bayonet coupling
o    Amphe-Power GT with crimp termination, reverse bayonet coupling
·         Black zinc cobalt plated connector shell is standard
·         Molded housing made of high impact glass-filled thermoplastic
·         Suitable for wide temperature range: -55C to + 125C
·         Heavy duty coupling nut
·         Quick positive coupling
o    Audible, tactile and visual indication of full coupling  
·         RoHS Compliant




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