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 2 or 3 Position Housings, Composite, Single Hand Mating/Unmating, Non-Environment Signal Connector.


Molded, one-piece strong but lightweight Lexan construction, Non-environmental. Incorporates RADSOK high amperage sockets in size 6mm. Typical Markets would be Base Station Power Applications and Telecom/Datacom Power Distribution.


Features & Benefits
·         One-handed mating/unmating and tool less contact insertion. 
·         Crimp termination for 4AWG to 12AWG wire size
·         Molded shells are non-environmental, for general duty applications
·         6mm RADSOK rated for 120A
·         RADSOK® Technology boost Amperage by 50%
·         Available in 2 or 3 position housings
·         Housing was molded with Lexan that provides a strong, durable lightweight attribute
·         Low insertion/extraction force
·         Off-center spacing of the socket positions provides a failsafe orientation of the connector.
·         Molded-in symbols (+,-, and Ground) for quick and easy identification


·         RoHS Compliant


Ph: 888-364-9011  Fax: 520-397-7169 

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