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Amphe-Lite Fiber Optic Termini

Ceramic, Alloy, Harsh Environments, High Speed

Amphenol Industrial Operations introduces fiber optic terminus to work with Amphe-lite size 16 cavity. These terminus are designed for transmitting optical laser with high speed, high reliability, EMI/RFI immune, digital data in harsh environment and cases require high reliability. This contact system provide low loss high reliability connection for mission critical applications. Applications including fiber optic sensor instrument, medical endoscopy, fiber detection & alarm system and fiber optic Laser equipment.

The contacts are designed for variable sizes cables, we have 2 options for Ф1.60mm and Ф2.00mm cables and we can customize for other cable size.


Features & Benefits

·         Drop in design for #16 cavity of Amphe-Lite

·         Design and manufactured refer to MIL-PRF-29504/4&5

·         Spring-loaded socket contacts ensure consistent mating

·         Ceramic alignment sleeve insures accurate fiber to fiber alignment

·         Socket has threaded protective shroud, manufactured from rugged plastics

·         Maintains fiber optic/electrical hybrid capabilities


·         MIL-PRF-29504/4&5
·         MIL-DTL-38999

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