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LPT Connector Series

Amphenol Industrial Operations now offers a new series of rugged connectors for use in harsh environments. The LPT (Lean PT) series is ideal for use in factory automation, automotive, hybrid electric vehicles/electric vehicles, energy storage, power distribution, industrial instrumentation and process control applications.

Based on Amphenol’s MIL-C-26482 series I and the original PT series, the lightweight LPT has an aluminum shell design. This metal connector, with improved structure, also features a standard PT shell with coupling nut, making it intermateable with the PT series. The LPT includes three retention tines with stamped and formed crimp contacts that can easily be inserted and ensure retention force.

These new connectors accept wire gauges from 22 AWG/0.34mm² to 12 AWG/3.5mm², have quick positive coupling and 5 key/keyway mating to ensure that users don’t mismate when plugging into a receptacle.

The LPT series is waterproof to IP67 standard and self-extinguishing to UL94 V-0. They can withstand 500 mating cycles and have an operating temperature range of -40° C to +125°C.

Amphenol’s LPT connectors are available in five shell styles, including box mounting receptacle, jam nut receptacle, straight plug, wall mounting receptacle and cable connecting receptacle. The connectors are also available in a variety of finishes, including black zinc, nickel and gray zinc nickel. All are RoHS compliant. Contacts are available in gold, nickel or tin plated. Multiple shell plating options are available upon request.


LPT Connector Series

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